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This page is dedicated to the hard working patriots of the 14th Airlift Squadron. “The Pelicans” are a world-renowned C-17 Globemaster III unit out of the 437th Airlift Wing, Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina. All the artwork created

Used in the employment of worldwide, direct-delivery JCS airlift requirements, The 14th Airlift Squadron provides combat-ready C-17A Globemaster III aircrews for worldwide, direct-delivery airlift supporting rapid global mobility efforts of the Air Force during global contingencies. 14th AS crews maintain air refueling, tactical ingress/egress, low-level airdrop and air land skills at a razor sharp edge providing the war fighting CINCs the ability to project and sustain combat forces directly from the CONUS into short, austere airfields and theater drop zones. In addition, the squadron is tasked with providing emergency nuclear airlift, aeromedical evacuation and humanitarian relief missions.

Personalized Pelican Lithograph

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Personalized Pelican Lithograph


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36×12 Canvas Wrap Framed, 60×20 Canvas Wrap Framed


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Charleston Travel Print

The 14th Airlift Squadron, Pelicans travel poster features the beauty of Charleston and the Iconic Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

Hang this in your office or living room to always remember this sought-after assignment. Printed on premium grade canvas. Pioneering aviators used cotton-covered (canvas) flying surfaces for their manned gliders and early powered flight designs. In fact, Neil Armstrong carried a small swatch of canvas from the wing of the famous 1903 Wright Flyer as he walked on the Moon. We owe a lot to this incredibly versatile fabric…canvas has enabled mankind to achieve the impossible. When searching for a perfect substrate to print our aviation and military art on, it was no surprise to us that canvas came through again!

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